Oil&Vinegar Flow Control Bottle

630.00 MDL

Бренд: Cole & Mason
Страна производства: Великобритания
Габариты: 21 см
Вес, в граммах: 160
Обьём в литрах: 0,35
Материал корпуса: стекло
Цвет: прозрачный

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Oil&Vinegar Flow Control Bottle

As part of our Oil & Vinegar range, this product has been designed as a practical and elegant solution for oil, vinegar and other pourables storage and dispensing. Our drip return systems mean that no oil or vinegar should escape down the side of the bottle so no messy counter tops or oily exteriors. All of our pourers are designed to be filled easily and have large capacities to allow for longer usage between fillings. The classic designs will look great in the kitchen or on table top.


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